Fellow entrepreneurs, have you ever caught yourself differentiating life and business, as if they’re separate from one another?

As if life is in one corner and business is in the other and never the twain shall meet?

Or that, when they do, they do so adversely?

We say it this way in the effort to separate primarily monetized versus non-monetized relationships.

And I get it.

But it misses the point: it’s all relationship.

How you “do relationship” by default personally will be your baseline in professional relationship too.

Because your decisions, be they for personal or professional relationships, originate from the same place.

What I’m saying operates the same way as in how you can bounce from one significant relationship to the next only to find yourself living the same dynamic over and over again.

The common denominator is you.

And within you is a relationship default.

It worked at some point. But not anymore.

For some people, it takes being left or kicked to the curb in order to wake up and see things aren’t working.

In business, owners tend to wait for revenue decrease, elevated employee churn, or market non-response to wake up.

#thestruggleisreal…but your losing formula in business it doesn’t have to be what you keep choosing.

As Einstein said, doing the same action (conducting yourself the same way) while expecting a different result is insanity.

Coming into clarity about your sane way of business is key.

Wake Up! Business IS Relationship.
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